Your gateway to mobile customers.

AdGoji is a performance marketing agency, specialised in mobile
in-app advertising optimisation. Using machine learning algorithms,
we scale Real Time Bidding campaigns up to the next level,
delivering thousands of engaged customers every day.

In-app advertising

You’ve built a mobile app or website. Great! Now, how to convert mobile market's big numbers into revenue? AdGoji reaches your audience, users and customers right where you want them: on their mobile devices.


State-of-the-art technology at your service

We optimise mobile advertising campaigns by purchasing ad space the smart way, according to your goals. 


You set the goals

Increase awareness, increase app installs, grow mobile user base, increase mobile revenue… you name it! 


You set the scale

Our proprietary algorithm enables us to identify behavioural patterns, seek valuable inventory, bid intelligently, and optimise in real time: effective, scalable and measurable.

We don't give a click

Mobile advertising is currently ruled by click-rates.
At AdGoji, we simply don't care. And neither should you.

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Real people

Your banner at the right place, at the right time:
leading to valuable installs instead of simple views.

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