Performance that matters

At adgoji we buy media. At the end of the day, it's that simple.

Our specialty is to buy hyper targeted digital ad-space programmatically. In human words; we have the capacity to connect advertisers with relevant users in real time. Together we will identify, engage, acquire and retain your online customers by running performance campaigns the smart way: identifying behavioural patterns, seeking valuable inventory, bidding intelligently, and optimising in real-time. 

Long story short: 


We buy ad-space to run your online advertising campaigns…


…to connect your brand with the right audience, right place & right time…


…to get you more views, clicks, installs, purchases, you name it!


And with your help, we can convert users into frequent buyers, too!


relevant stuff to know

We provide access to 98% of all ad inventory in the world, through 40+ ad exchanges:

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customer story


World leader in online accommodation booking. Each day, over 650.000 room nights are reserved on Booking.com. Booking.com is based in Amsterdam and supported internationally by 130 offices in over 50 countries.


Booking.com is a data-driven company. In a continuous effort to convert more mobile volume into value, or traffic into bookings, they’ve challenged us to find a scalable and effective way of reaching new bookers on mobile.

Run worldwide mobile acquisition and retargeting campaigns for Booking.com, optimising on the end goal: get customers to not only install the app, but also book a hotel.


  • Budget :$10.000 initial testing budget

  • Partner : 1st partner ever to succeed in finding mobile customers via RTB

  • Worldwide : Machine learning enables us to scale our success and deliver international bookers every day

  • Conversion Rate : 3% - 10% of all installers have booked a hotel

  • App installs : +100.000s of new app-installs every month

  • Cost per install : <$5. We decreased the CPI by 83% within four weeks