Intelligent technology for sustainable acquisition.

AdGoji enables brands to enjoy the benefits of programmatic mobile advertising without worrying about technology. Operating as a Demand Side Platform (DSP), we purchase in-app ad-space on Real Time Bidding (RTB) platforms and ad-exchanges. We do so the smart way: our proprietary machine learning algorithm is able to identify behavioural patterns, seek valuable inventory, bid intelligently, and optimise in real time.

Real Time Bidding.

Programmatic refers to the use of software (programs) to purchase digital ad-space (impressions), as opposed to the traditional human process. Real-Time Bidding (RTB) is one of programmatic advertising's main streams, and refers to the buying and selling of digital ad-space through auctions that occur in the time it takes a (mobile) webpage or app to load.


Machine Learning.

Better ad-space purchase decisions mean better performing campaigns. But how do you decide whether a mobile ad-space is the right one? Or how much it's worth? It may be worth something according to your brand's positioning, but how do you evaluate its effective value (view > click > install > use > purchase) within 0.02 seconds? 

You can't, only machines can.

We believe this effective value to be the most important. Based on a wide range of criteria, our proprietary machine learning algorithm estimates the value of every single bid, and reaches for the most valuable in real time. Optimising complex goals in the most effective, scalable and measurable way.

Performance and reporting.

Best-in-class performance requires best-in-class data analysis. Therefore we always work in full transparency, delivering all our solutions with relevant KPI reporting and meaningful insights to evaluate your campaign. Forget about viewability metrics, we're spreading your message the smart way. Reaching your mobile audience right where it is, delivering more customers every day.