Week in review: April 4 - 8

Our weekly mobile marketing news review. This week:

Facebook Remains the King of Social

With the exception of China, Russia and a few other countries, Facebook continues to dominate the social network scene in major markets worldwide. The popularity of newer social networks like Instagram is increasing rapidly, but users tend to adopt those platforms in addition to Facebook, rather than as replacements, as explored in a new eMarketer report, “Global Social Platforms 2016: A Country-by-Country Review of Social Network Usage.”
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So How About SnapChat?

SnapChat is for real, especially among millennials. Which is why Facebook is constantly improving it's messenger app. Which is also why many Senior Ad Buyers plan to advertise on Snapchat in 2016. Snapchat’s audience in the US is growing and the platform can be an effective way for marketers to reach consumers, again, especially millennials. According to research, more US senior ad buyers are planning to begin advertising on Snapchat than other social media sites.
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Idea: Cash Back for Ad Fraud

Can cash back for ad fraud make brands trust [programmatic] again? Two platforms seem to think so. In November 2014, DataXu began promising refunds for fraudulent impressions when they totaled more than 3%. Easing the advertiser's fears. Similarly, last week, TubeMogul adopted a similar money-back guarantee, even when ad fraud is below 3%.
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Airports Around the World Are Embracing Mobile Apps

Travel research and bookings are shifting to mobile, and airports are responding by offering new services via mobile apps. These in-app services are aimed at providing travelers with a comprehensive experience to address various needs throughout their time in the airport. Some have already implemented these app services, but many more are investing heavily in apps over the next two years.
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