Week in review: April 11 - 15

Our weekly mobil marketing news review. This week:

Renewed Starbucks App expected to Boost Sales

Starbucks recently debuted a new loyalty program, and now the coffee giant has updated its mobile app in a way that should boost a growing portion of the company's business. The loyalty program lets users earn stars based on how much they spend at Starbucks, and the redesigned app lets customers redeem rewards and other offers when they use Mobile Order & Pay, the company's order-ahead service.
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The End of The Supermarket Era?

Thanks to the smartphone-addicted consumer, GPS, apps, and the Internet, a new breed of startup is building systems that make it easier for producers to know just how much to produce, for shoppers to order just what they want, and for food to get from one to the other faster and with fewer stops in between.
> The supermarket must die: read on Wired.

Marketing Professionals in Germany Confident of a Native Ad Revolution

Native advertising has emerged as an increasingly popular form of advertising. And while marketing professionals in Germany are still wary of a number of elements when it comes to native advertising, that’s not the case when they consider the advertising method’s future.
> Full article on eMarketer.

Header Bidding: What It Is, And Why It's Wrong

Header bidding allows publishers to offer inventory on multiple exchanges rather than filtering demand through a single stream. AppLift's Maor Sadra doesn't believe that header bidding will ever be a positive development. It is not a waterfall – it is Niagara Falls. Header bidding’s adoption will thwart the advancement of programmatic advertising.
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