Week in review: Feb 1 - 4

Our weekly mobile marketing news review. This week:

It's That Time of the Year Again: Superbowl Madness

In a digital world of ad blocking and general ad avoidance, the annual Super Bowl telecast stands out as one of the last remaining bastions of TV's glory days—when American eyeballs weren't distracted by smartphones and tablets. But how long can this last? Maybe longer than you think.
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Some Can't Miss #SB50 Ads:

Mobile Video Ads Drive Brand Awareness, Engagement

Digital video ad spending is growing. Mobile video advertising brings a lot of value to marketers, primarily increasing brand awareness. It also helps with lead generation and better engagement, according to a December 2015 survey by TMB.
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Study Reveals Why Customers Do (or Don't) Shop Using Their Smartphones

Mobile shopping isn't going anywhere this year. More than 60 percent of omnichannel shoppers said they plan to start making purchases using mobile devices or will do so even more in the upcoming year, according to a new study released today by Facebook. (Already, 45 percent of all shopping includes some form of mobile interaction including doing research, comparing prices or making purchases. Among millennials, that number jumps to 57 percent).
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Last But Not Least: 4 AdTech Trends for 2016

Tech.co's Eli Martin predicts 4 major trends for the AdTech industry.
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