Week in review : August 17 - 21

Our weekly mobile marketing news review. This week:

Approval Processes Bummer For Tech Adoption, and Business

Tech is more important than ever. But to increase spending, marketers and tech professionals must go through a rigorous approval process, and they better be able to prove the value of the buy if they want the final answer to be yes—something easier said than done.
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Relevant App-Marketing Metrics, and How to Calculate Them

Wether you wish to promote or monetise an app through advertising, one word is key: performance. When it comes down to measuring it you need clear metrics and reliable ways to measure them. AdtoApp's Marina Khaustova lists them up. 
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Twitter Audience Platform, More Than Rebranding

The Twitter Publisher Network is now the Twitter Audience Platform – but the name change is more than aesthetic, said Ameet Ranadive, Twitter’s senior director of revenue products. But “this is one step in the direction of reaching our total audience,” Ranadive said.
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In France, One in Five E-commerce Transactions, is M-commerce

Shopping on smartphones is trending in France, according to a report by Criteo.
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More Native Ads!

AdExchange MoPub is releasing some new numbers about the growth of native advertising. Native advertising refers to ads that have been customized to resemble editorial or user content. “With more than twice as many DSPs buying native ads inventory and almost five times the amount of spend as of last June, it’s clear native ads have become much more than a niche ad format,” wrote MoPub’s Elain Szu
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