Week in review: July 20 - 24

Our weekly mobile marketing news review. This week:

Getting Programmatic Advertising Right

Interesting listing of key concepts to help marketers getting programmatic right. "As more and more marketers adopt these platforms, there are two key fundamentals to programmatic advertising that are needed in order to get it right first time: attribution and distribution. Strategy-wise, think retargeting and look-alike targeting."
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InMobi's Miip: first thoughts 


Go-MashMobile's Patrick Macgougan: "Still though, users are being interrupted from doing what they want to do and due to the size of the screen, this is amplified on mobile. Miip is expected to provide a revolutionary new way of easing the problem.The software is likely to become a far better way to generate sales, however, it is still advertising, and isn’t completely un-intrusive."
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Deep Nishar, a former LinkedIn and Google executive who joined Softbank this month, said InMobi has flipped the usual advertising paradigm on its head. “Miip puts the user first: What is that you like, that you want?” he said. But will the chattering monkey annoy users, like Microsoft’s infamous Clippy digital assistant did a generation ago? Or will it endear them? “Time will tell.
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Trend and brand awareness have a positive effect on Acquisition.

Yes, it's also true on mobile and RTB. For Sydney-based app developer LOMAH Studios, the Mick Fanning shark video has provided an unexpected hype to its app. Back in 2009 LOMAH Studios developed a Mick Fanning surfing game for Rip Curl called Live the Search. The game launched on iPhone in 2010, and has been fairly successful, grossing $12,000 on the first day and a couple of hundred thousand over time. After the dramatic footage of Fanning punching a great white shark during a live surf tournament in South Africa emerged, interest in the game spiked dramatically.
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Wearables: current market penetration and forecast

Wearable device awareness is high, but ownership—and purchase intent—remain low. Indeed, May 2015 polling by Altimeter Group found that just 7% of US internet users owned a wearable, and a March 2015 study by DigitasLBi put wearables penetration among internet users worldwide at 17%. eMarketer tries to find out aks what could urge consumers to take the plunge? 
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State of the union: iProspect's Jeremy Hull on mobile search

Although marketers continue to boost spending on mobile search advertising, return on investment (ROI) from mobile campaigns remains disproportionately low. Jeremy Hull, director of bought media at iProspect, spoke with eMarketer’s Jeremy Kressmann about the challenges associated with optimizing mobile campaigns and measuring performance.
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On programmatic and viewability

Does More Programmatic Buying Equal Less Viewability? The View From Three CountriesGermany and France Delivery Higher Viewability than U.K., Study Says.
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