Week in review: June 1 - 5

Our weekly news review. This week:

Trends: Traditional Media vs. Internet, TV vs. Live Events.

Nearly every form of entertainment and media is expected to expand over the next five years; People want to get together in person; Mobile ads will soon command more ad dollars than display ads... among other takeaways.
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Article: Programmatic Buying Coming to the Political Arena in 2016

Political ad buyers often follow the digital example of their commercial counterparts, and in some cases have even gotten ahead of consumer marketers' tactics. Now political campaigns and advocacy groups seem poised to buy ads through programmatic systems to a much greater degree than in recent election cycles, in this case enabled by the technology's broader acceptance in the general market.
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Article: Mobile Video Advertising, We're Not There Yet

A report by eMarketer finds as many opportunities as concerns for mobile video advertising. AdWeek's Garett Sloane walks us through the report.
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Column: Why Apple's 1984 Commercial Holds Lessons for Today

Celtra's Matvz Klanjsek throws us back to 1984, and explores opportunities and challenges in programmatic TV and video.
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