Week in review: June 8 - 19

Our weekly mobile marketing news review. This week:

All You Need To Know About: Apple's WWDC Keynote

TechCrunch's Kyle Russel sums up the big news: El Capitan, the Metal API, Apple's Proactive Assistant, Multi-Tasking (screen split), and off course Apple Music.
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Insight: Mobile-Optimized Websites Are Critical For The Travel Industry, in the UK

UK consumers are increasingly mobile. Fully 10.3 million UK digital travel content visitors between December 2014 and February 2015 were mobile-only, vs. 10.0 million who relied solely on a desktop or laptop. In all, the total number of mobile visitors, including those who were mobile-only or PC and mobile users, was 25.0 million.
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Article: Opportunity And Challenge Of CrossDevice Creatives

AdExchanger asked execs from firms playing in the programmatic creative space: What are the opportunities for programmatic creative and cross-device, and what are the execution challenges? This article sums up key opinions and insights.
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News from Google's AdTech Business

Google is bringing a clearer picture of advertising to the mobile world with three tech advancements it announced at a company conference in the Florida Keys on June 17th. The company unveiled new services that should help advertisers more effectively measure digital campaigns across devices.
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