Week in review: May 4 - 8

Our weekly mobile marketing news review. This week:

Article: Agencies Look To Evolve Creative Process To Meet Demands Of Programmatic Era

Programmatic techniques have brought speed and efficiency to media buying. Now it’s time for the creative side of the ad business to follow suit and become more efficient, nimble and innovative, according to an eMarketer report. Digital marketers have long wanted the ability to target consumers with more personalized creative. Techniques such as dynamic creative optimization help pave the way toward future audience-driven creative processes.
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Article: Mobile Programmatic to Lead Growth in the Netherlands in 2015

An April 2015 report from the Interactive Advertising Bureau Netherlands (IAB Netherlands) and Deloitte revealed that programmatic advertising truly is the norm in the Netherlands. In all, Deloitte estimated that programmatic display ad spending in the Netherlands would increase by 28% this year and total €182.0 million ($241.5 million). By the end of 2016, it was expected to reach €236.0 million ($313.2 million), or 34% of the total amount spent on digital display ad spending in the country.
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Thoughts: What's Up With Programmatic Mobile Video Ads?

Marketers are in the process of learning and perfecting mobile advertising, video advertising, and the art of using programmatic technologies -- all independent of one another. But there is also overlap between the three.
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Insights: Relationship Between Paid and Organic Installs

There is a clear multiplying factor between paid and organic installs according to a research report by TUNE. For every paid install 1.5 generic install is generated as well, the study finds.

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