Week in review: May 25 - 30

Our weekly mobile marketing news review. This week:

Mary Meeker's 2015 Internet Trends

According to TechCrunch, "if you want to understand tech, Mary Meeker’s Internet Trends reports are the closest you’ll get to gospel." This week, the Kleiner Perkins partner presented her very much anticipated 2015 trends.
> Full presentation here (200 slides) or grasp the highlights on TC.

Column: What Is A Private Marketplace?

According to estimates from eMarketer, ad spending via private marketplaces will surpass $3 billion by 2016, and will represent roughly 28% of all programmatic display ad spending. Centro's Ratko Vidakovic explains private marketplaces.
> Read the full column on MarketingLand

Article: How Big is AdBlock Browser's Threat to Google

Eyeo GmbH, the German company that developed the popular Adblock Plus extension, just released the beta version of Adblock Browser, a Firefox-based Android web browser that removes mobile ads. That's pretty bad news for Google...
> Read it all on TheMotleyFool

Column: Evaluating the Impact of Mobile Advertising on In-Store Sales

"Lack of clear ROI has held many advertisers back from investing more in mobile. That’s all about to change as increasing amounts of data about store visits and offline sales become available. As it does marketers come to recognize the greater value of mobile vs. PC users. Mobile users (especially mobile searchers) are closer to purchase decisions and often have immediate needs and desires." says Greg Sterling, as he provides thoughts on why additional metrics could help retailers embrace mobile advertising (even more).

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Congratulations to: Matei Zaharia, Computing Machinery Hero

Matei Zaharia has won the 2014 Doctoral Dissertation Award presented by ACM (the Association for Computing Machinery) for his innovative solution to tackling the surge in data processing workloads, and accommodating the speed and sophistication of complex multi-stage applications and more interactive ad-hoc queries. His work proposed a new architecture for cluster computing systems, achieving best-in-class performance in a variety of workloads while providing a simple programming model that lets users easily and efficiently combine them.
> Read more on ACM.org.

Just for fun: Hilarious Programmatic Pick-Up Lines

Who said programmatic was all work and no play?
> More lines right here.