Week in review: May 11 - 15

Our weekly news review. This week:

Column: Chalk Social's Davina Dunlea on smart retargeting's positive effect on brand favourability

"Considering the data and technology available, retargeting strategies should be smarter. We can do so much better than re-hashing the same vendor templates that have been in rotation since 2008. This is an opportunity to engage intelligently with audiences who are already aware of your brand."
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Column: Vivaki's Marco Bertozzi's view on programmatic advertising, a maturing business.

"As I look at programmatic I think about the stages we have been through in just five years and I look at it from the eyes of the advertiser. As I considered this I ended up identifying a few stages:

  • Stage 1 - In the dark. A lack of knowledge, expertise and interest by the majority of advertisers and beyond (2008-2012)
  • Stage 2 - Over informed. Every conference, agency, vendor selling and 'educating' on the topic leading to confusion (2012-13)
  • Stage 3 - Frustrated. Who to trust, where to turn, reacting to the largest mob and protest (2014 - the lost year)
  • Stage 4 - In control. Acknowledgement of importance, leaders appointed, control and calm restored. A considered time. (2015 -)

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Article: Just how big is Google's media revenue?

The gap between Google’s media revenue and the revenue of its competitors is growing, according to a report from ZenithOptimedia. Quoting AdExchanger: "Google’s media revenue is so huge it dwarfs the media revenue of Disney and the third-largest media owner, Comcast, put together." That's big.
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Marketing Thoughts: Atlas' Jennifer Kattula introduces the 4Cs

The “4Ps of Marketing” have been etched in stone since 1967, when Philip Kotler first introduced them in his book “Marketing Management.” This industry classic has graced the desks of most marketing professional since then. Historically, the 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) provided a crucial framework for marketers, but in our modern era, the proliferation of devices, channels and mobile consumers demands that we update this established thinking.
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