Week in review: Apr 13 - 17

Our weekly news review. This week:

Insight: Mobile beats desktop in viewability 

Mobile display ads are generally more viewable than those served on desktop, according to eMarketer and Sizmek. Programmatic placements on mobile saw average viewability of 81.4%, while desktop came in at just 39.7%.
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Article: build great branding campaigns with... programmatic.

While many brands such as Kellogg’s, Unilever, and Heineken have embraced programmatic, there is still some uncertainty as how best to harness the full potential of programmatic for branding purposes. Here are five tips by The Exchange Lab's Michelle Hilditch is VP global client services at
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Press-release: Ghostery now disabling in-app trackers?

Ghostery’s In-App Consent Notice sets a new standard for transparency that goes beyond the EU’s ePrivacy Directive, delivering consumers a new level of transparency and control. Users can now view the trackers that companies are using, and turn them on and off at will.
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Article: The latest in EU vs. Google

Following reports about the European Union preparing to file formal charges against Google in its ongoing antitrust investigation, Google General Counsel Kent Walker has issued an internal memo to all employees explaining HQ's position.
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Article: Good bye TV, hello mobile video

The tipping point for mobile is coming fast. So says Ezra Palmer, chief content officer for eMarketer, who discussed the future of media consumption and video ad spending during Ad Age's Digital Conference.
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