Week in review: Nov 30 - Dec 4

Our weekly mobile marketing review. This week:

How About Mobile Shopping This Holliday Season?

Consumer spending on Black Friday and Cyber Monday is expected to grow and set US records, with Cyber Monday alone projected to bring in $3 billion. But George Chang, SVP of sales and marketplace at Japanese ecommerce giant Rakuten, predicted that those days will actually represent less steep spikes when looking back on sales made in November and December. “We see it as more of a Black November,” he said. “In terms of how people spend dollars and go to market, you’ll see a more consistent approach throughout November across all channels.”
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> It's a European thing too (via eMarketer).

DSP's in 2016: Much More Than Just Buying Media

"DSPs have evolved and have become much better at targeting people than just buying media. The original purpose of DSPs was to access exchange-based media placements.  They were a tool to buy advertising media closer to at-cost, which provides additional controls over bids, budgets, frequency, and other optimization levers. Today DSPs are seen more as a conduit to audience-based targeting.  Advertisers use them to retarget audiences with first-party site and CRM data and also target new prospects with a slew of third-party data"
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Microsoft Office is Mobile

Microsoft recently launched PowerApps, a new Office-like service that makes it easy for virtually any employee in a company to build basic mobile and web-based business apps — and for IT departments to enable them to do so. The new service is now officially available in preview.
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2016: Mobile Will Show Its Value To Brands

"Mobile commerce's share of the total ecommerce pie was about 22% in 2015, according to Statista, and that's expected to grow to 28% or more in a few years. But the truth is, mobile is still finding its way out of the Wild West and towards its rightful place as a tool of commerce."
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