Week in review: Dec 14 - 18

Our weekly mobile & programmatic marketing news review. This week:

How Trump’s Campaign Is Upending Paid And Earned Media Dynamics

"In campaign speeches, TV appearances and public statements, Donald Trump frequently boasts about his campaign’s low ad spending. “I’ve spent no money and I’m No. 1,” he said recently on the “Today” show. “Other people have spent tens of millions of dollars and they’re floundering and doing poorly.” Unfortunately for his opponents, this statement is true. An NBC report last week found that Jeb Bush has spent roughly $33 million on TV and radio ads, while Trump’s $216,000 outlay is a fraction of his closest competitors’ spending." How does he do it? 
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UK Smartphone Shoppers Becoming At-Home Shoppers

According to a November 2015 report from xAd and Nielsen, smartphone shoppers have moved their shopping research behaviors from outside the home to within the four walls. According to the study, in 2013, 57% of UK smartphone shoppers researched products via their device while out of home. By 2015, that figure had shrunk to just 36%.
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On App Engagement and Retention

Several researchers have found that engagement and retention for mobile apps drop over time—sometimes quickly, and often steeply. But research from Appboy suggests that even if users are not immediately delighted with apps, some of them may stick around.
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