Week in review: Nov 2 - 6

Our weekly mobile marketing news review. This week:

French Digital Buyers Do Not Leave Home for Shopping

Digital buyers in France are more likely to do research digitally than in-store before they make a purchase, according to September research. Price and convenience are also driving digital purchases. A survey by local search specialist Mappy and market research firm BVA found that almost all of the polled digital buyers in France (96%) said they research and purchase products digitally. Researching online and then purchasing from a local store was nearly as popular—more than nine in 10 respondents said they did so.
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eCommerce: Winning Customers This Holiday Season

By this point in the year, most ecommerce companies have already begun strategizing for the holidays, if not fully launched promotions to begin gaining net new customers for the season. Here are four steps to winning customers on trust and convenience.
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Thoughts: LinkedIn's Russell Glass on Content Sequencing

"With the momentum behind ad blocking currently looking unstoppable, the ad industry is having a collective moment of reflection. It boils down to this: What are we doing wrong?" "Clearly, the solution has to be about regaining consumer trust. While every publisher should have its own plan for improving user experience, brands bear some responsibility, too. The rise of ad tech and very low-priced impressions has too often prized scale over personalization, leading to consumers being bombarded by ads that are irrelevant, distracting and out of context."
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