Week in review: Nov 9 - 13

Our weekly mobile marketing news review. This week:

Legacy Retailers Struggle to Ramp Up Mobile Marketing

Case: Macy's. Beyond creating mobile technology, there are myriad issues for traditional retailers to sort out, such as apps, loyalty programs, data collection and anticipating what's next after mobile. Retailers born with a mobile-first mentality don't face the same problems that more established ones do. "Macy's was optimizing and doing desktop for years. And we became really good at it; desktop became predictable. But with this mobile transformation, you have customers accessing different information, with different intent. A lot of research and a lot of discovery is happening and it's all on the go." For a $16.5 billion retailer that first opened its doors in 1858, quickly focusing on mobile isn't simple.
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Instagram Partners With Ton of Tech Co's to Improve Ad Experience

Instagram is mirroring what parent Facebook did with tech vendors a few years ago. This week, the SF tech player unveiled 41 marketing-tech partners that will help it grow its burgeoning advertising business. These first few dozen companies are just the first wave in a larger plan to partner with at least 100 vendors who will focus on improving ad campaign management, interaction with users and content marketing capabilities. To "help solve a wide variety of business challenges—whether it's driving more installs for a new mobile gaming app, or driving in-store foot-traffic during the holidays," according to an Instagram blog post. 
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A Look at the Market: Growth and App Installs

“There isn’t a single brand in the world, consumer product, automotive or travel brand, that will spend as much money on mobile ads as apps,” said Mahi de Silva, CEO of Opera Mediaworks, which helps big brands advertise on top publishing sites and apps. Apps are dominating mobile advertising, spending hundreds of millions of dollars to boost their downloads, and there are few signs this flood of money — from venture capitalist to app to mobile ad — will slow any time soon.
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Humor: How to Target Unborn Babies?

"If You're Not Targeting Unborn Babies With Your Advertising, You've Already Lost". Have a look at these videos made for Strategy magazine's Agency of the Year event last week, where it's become tradition for agencies on the shortlist to present humorous takes on the industry
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