Week in review: Oct 5 - 9

Our weekly mobile marketing news review. This week:

Meet "Sunshine", A Crowd-Sourced Weather App

"When it comes to the weather, there is no lack of applications to choose from to get your information. But there is very little diversity when it comes to those apps. A new startup, called Sunshine, is looking to change all that. Using information delivered from the barometer sensor in the phone, as well as user-generated reports of local weather, the app is trying to change the way we consume information about the day’s weather."
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WSJ's guide to Google's mobile pages

"Google on Wednesday unveiled a way to make web pages load much faster on mobile Web browsers, an open-source project it’s calling Accelerated Mobile Pages. For Internet users, speedier load times are undoubtedly a good thing. But for ad-supported sites and services, questions remain about how they’ll be able to squeeze ads into AMP pages." Spoiler: don't worry.
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Can BeenChoice, the powerful AdBlocker on iOS, survive the cut?

"The threat of mobile ad blocking has been largely downplayed by observers and analysts because, up until now, mobile ad blocking apps could only block ads on mobile browsers — not in apps. But now there's an ad blocker — "Been Choice" — that claims to block in-app ads too. Everything from ads within Facebook's app (Been Choice claims it is the first mobile ad blocking app to do so,) to the New York Times, and even on Apple News. Been Choice uses a different technique called "deep packet inspection" through its VPN (virtual private network) to filter out ad traffic. It can remove specific content — ads — from the data stream using pattern matching." sounds very promising, but AppAnnie data shows that since launch the Been Choice app has only risen to a peak ranking of 476 amongst all US utilities iPhone apps.
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