Week in review: Oct 19 - 23

Our weekly news review. This week:

Marketers Optimistic about Paid Search (and Acquisition)

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, including text ads, remarketing and mobile ads have performed better than expected for many marketers this year, leading to 2015 investments that were larger than initially planned. And research suggests those results will lead to even greater spending levels next year.
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ITW: Fetch's James Connelly on Brands and Mobile

When Fetch first decided to crack the US market in 2013, San Francisco was its first port of call – not New York, as one might assume would be the case for an agency looking to make a name for itself stateside. “San Francisco is the mecca of mobile marketing, which made it a really important place for us to be, both from a product perspective and to make sure we stay on top of the latest innovative advertising technology,” said Connelly, who has now temporarily relocated to New York to help kickstart Fetch’s East Coast presence. AdExchanger caught up with Connelly to chat about his expansion plans, Fetch’s talent requirements and why smartwatches are just, well, lame.
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On Programmatic Tech and Storytelling

Creative and tech have an uneasy coexistence. But the advertising world is in the early stages of a new hybrid model, where creative relies on tech for personalization and storytelling. “With programmatic buying and targeting, the contextual opportunities are increased to quantum levels, and we’ll need machines in order to address them,” said Chick Foxgrover, CDO of the 4As, about the prospects of automation technology becoming more integral to campaigns.
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