Week in review: Oct 12 - 15

This week:

Case: Coke Opens Data-Driven Happiness

For 128 years, Coca-Cola has distinguished its brand through mass media, but consumer tech titans like Apple, Microsoft and Google have usurped its top spot among the world’s most valuable brands, as rated by Forbes. But now, Coke is bolstering its data strategy. It has built a successful digital loyalty program for 15 North American brands through the My Coke Rewards program, which is its foundational first-party data asset, representing 24 million US households.
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When (tech's) hype becomes a challenge

"Theranos, a company that makes low-cost blood tests, has been celebrated as the inventor of the next major medical breakthrough, and its founder, Elizabeth Holmes, has been hailed as the next Steve Jobs." Any start-up (founder) would embrace this kind of publicity for obvious business reasons. But Theranos isn’t the first scientific company get caught up in the tech hype cycle long before it was ready. "In an expose published yesterday, The Wall Street Journal portrays Theranos as a company that is not only grossly under-delivering on its promise, but is also working hard to hide its problems."
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Ads (blocking) ain't the problem, timing and content is

E-marketeer published a chart showing when US internet shoppers would like to hear from retailers. Meanwhile, popular ad blocking software manufacturers allow "meaningful" or "non-intrusive" ads to pass. This is no coincidence. Let's start using data the right way: deliver the right message to the right person, at the right time, on the right device. Best way to do so? Have users download your app and establish direct relationship.
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Facebook is testing in-app retail shopping

Commerce is fueling the next wave of mobile innovation. There has been a flurry of recent activity from leading companies across the mobile eco-system from Apple Pay, Android Pay and Asian apps such as Line and KakaoTalk. Now, Facebook is testing promoting in-app retail. Twice.com evaluates the goals and key success factors.
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Everything you need to know about programmatic video

"Programmatic isn’t just for banners any more. Video is a fast-growing part of the programmatic ecosystem – and for good reason. More than $2bn in video ads will be transacted on programmatic platforms in 2015, effectively tripling 2014’s digital video spend, according to a report by IPG’s Magna Global, and the Trade Desk’s UK general manager James Patterson says we’re only yet at the thin end of the wedge." 

Everything you need to know about programmatic video is the second in a new EYNTK series designed to help viewers quickly get up to speed with some of the most important issues in today’s marketing industry. From debunking common myths to explaining the intricacies of private market places (PMP) and the forward market plus exploring the agency of the future, EYNTK about programmatic aims to give you the knowledge you need to engage intelligently with programmatic advertising. More information can be found in the EYNTK hub.